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Do roots grow in drains?

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Powerful roots infest drainsThe likelihood of root invasion as the cause makes greater the intensity and frequency of the blockages increases. Again, while it is not a definite sign of root invasion, it is important to keep an eye out for recurring problems that worsen over time.

Another sign of root invasion problems is a localised issue with the drains. If other appliances and fixtures within the house are not experiencing the same problem, then it is likely that there are roots making their way into a pipe somewhere along the line that is causing that one fixture to experience issues and blockages.

If you are suspicious of a problem with root invasion, it is important to call a drain technician as soon as possible before it can get any worse. Root invasion, when left over time, can cause a great deal of damage to a drainage system, with the chance of leaks and eventually flooding. As time goes by, roots will grow in size which can cause a large amount of pressure on the crack through which they’ve entered. If left untreated, this crack can break the pipe and lead to complete collapse, which requires a great deal of repair, and in some cases even needs replacing altogether.

If you are concerned that you have roots growing in your drains, the most effective way of establishing what course of action to take is to use a CCTV drain survey to determine the strength of the roots, and how they should be dealt with.

If the roots are still small and fine, they can be washed away using high pressure water jetting, but for bigger roots that have expanded over time a more intensive method of solution may be required. It is best to nip it in the bud and call a Blocked Drain Swindon engineer as soon as you suspect you have a problem.